Zeta1 Scorpii

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Zeta1 Scorpii
Observation data
Epoch {{{epoch}}}      Equinox
Constellation Scorpius
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Evolutionary stage blue hypergiant
Spectral type B1.5 Iae[1]
Distance2,600 ly
Radius103[1] R
Diameter103[1] D
Luminosity (bolometric)850,000 L
Temperature17,200 K
Other designations
Zeta1 Scorpii, ζ1 Sco

Zeta1 Scorpii, also known as ζ1 Sco, is a star located in the constellation Scorpius. It is located 2,600 light years away from the Earth. Zeta1 Scorpii has a diameter of 103[1] D, making it around the size of the orbit of Venus. Zeta1 Scorpii has a stellar class of B1.5 Iae[1] and a temperature of 17,200 degrees Kelvin; it is a blue hypergiant that is currently burning helium and other elements within its core. Zeta1 Scorpii is around 850,000 times brighter than the Sun. Zeta1 Scorpii is a member of the Scorpius OB1 association,[2] and the open star cluster NGC 6231, also informally called the northern jewel box cluster.