WD 0806-661

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Figure . WD 0806-661 A (though not present in this figure) would be in the isolated white dwarfs area of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.

WD 0806-661 (also known as L 97-3 and GJ 3483) is a wide binary system of a white dwarf and a brown dwarf located in the constellation Volans 63 light-years away from Earth.

Component A[edit]

WD 0806-661 A is a white dwarf star located around 63 light years from Earth.

Component B[edit]

WD 0806-661 B is a small brown dwarf star or exoplanet orbiting the white dwarf WD 0806-661 A at a radius of 2500 AU, around 63 light years away from Earth. This system has the largest known separation between a star and an accompanying planetary-mass body, as of 2018, and was discovered in 2011. It has a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.[1]


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