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I'm just a teenager - Joey is my actual name - who really likes astronomy and has done so since a young age. Thus, I have a reputation for being smart. However I can sometimes deviate away from mainstream science and am the proud proponent of what I call the "Astra hypothesis" (relevant YouTube video) - our asteroid belt was once a planet larger than Mars and its core is 16 Psyche. I just wanted to create this site as an informative, science resource and alternative to Wikipedia, but unfortunately, I'm not very active in it. If you want to know more about me then go to my YouTube channel or my Tumblr blog. I once had a Wikipedia account but unfortunately I got blocked a few years ago already.

To contact me through email either click "Contact" at the sidebar of the left-hand side of the website or click here; either way both links are the same.


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Someone who greatly influenced my interests in astronomy

paideguinha, also known by his aliases Einstein Hawkins and Frost, is a Portuguese Canadian[1] YouTuber notable for his interests in astronomy. He is likely around 19 years of age.


paideguinha is from Toronto, Canada,[2][1] but resides in Tampa, Florida, as seen in his videos.


paideguinha's account was created in the early 2000's. His first video showed him walking around in his hometown of Toronto. He later starting uploading videos pertaining to astronomy and himself moving to Florida, and continued to do so until 2014. He then went inactive for an unknown reason - the last videos he uploaded were gaming-related. He became active again in mid-2018, releasing videos about his daily life. He has since renamed his account to Einstein Hawkins (possibly to commemorate the death of Stephen Hawking).


Most of paideguinha's content, if not related to gaming, is related to the magnitude of sizes with the universe. He is most notable for having uploaded various "size comparisons" to his channel, usually comparing the sizes of astronomical objects such as planets and stars.


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