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I am a male, nearly 16 years and I live in New Zealand's North Island. Ever since I was young, I was very fascinated about astronomy. Yes, it says in the Book of Enoch that there was a demon who taught astronomy to humans. But I believe that this time, God wanted others to know about how amazing he is and glorify him. And I believe that I am that vessel for God to use. Many claim that there's no God and that there's life on other planets. But why is Earth at just the right distance from the Sun? And why is our Sun perfectly fitting our needs for life? Yet, despite God's instructions, mankind disobeyed and became corrupted. That is why God sent down his son Jesus to die on a cross so that our sins could be forgiven and we can make it to heaven. But people in heaven get there by choice. You MUST repent of your sins, be baptized of the Holy Spirit, and live a life of inward & outward holiness to make it to heaven. Or else, eternal hellfire awaits.

My date of birth is 12 September 2004. I am currently a New Zealand citizen.
My interests are astronomy, astrophysics, chemistry, geology, a little bit of history, learning Danish, etc. I started this site in mid-2018, when I was only 13 years old.

To contact me through email either click "Contact" at the sidebar of the left-hand side of the website or click here; either way both links are the same.