Truman Oatley

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Truman is Helen's neighbour. He is somewhat a shy bookworm and is afraid of bugs and gets seasick. His mom owns a daycare center.

Truman Oatley
Birthday: January 15, 2001
Species: human
Grade: 2nd grade
Address: n/a
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Eye color: Black
First Appearance Martha Speaks
  • ms otaly
  • mr otaly
Friends: T.D, Alice, Helen
Neighbor: Helen


Truman is Helen's neighbour. He's two years younger than Helen, and is often hanging around Martha's house to escape from all the babies at his house. when they are too noisy His mom runs a home day care center. Truman is a really smart kid, and he is also a little fussy and fearful (whatever you do, don't tell him there's a bug in the room!). But mostly, he is curious and excited about knowledge. He is a nice kind kid and once thought he didn't like ice cream when in actual fact he hadn't tried it. Upon trying it, he thought it was okay.