The Martha Show

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The Martha Show is a two part season opener to Martha Speaks season three.  It aired on October 11, 2010.

There are allusions to the Danny Phantom episode Shades of Gray, especially the Ghost Dog "Cujo", My Little Pony (also produced by Icons-flag-ca.png Canadian and Icons-flag-ph.png Filipino studios Studio B and Top Draw), and Mister Rogers' Neighbourhood.

Summary Part 1[edit]

Part 1: Martha has been offered a chance to host a children's TV show with her friends! The gang tries to agree on the perfect kids' show.

Characters Part 1[edit]

Vocabulary Part 1[edit]

genre, drama, educational, merchandise, style, comedy, co-star, medical, program, watch, script

Summary Part 2[edit]

Part 2: Having your own kids' show is more complicated than Martha expected. Our talking dog comes up with a whale of a show, starring the Bookbots. But is her new partner — or TV — ready for it?

Characters Part 2[edit]

Vocabulary Part 2[edit]

pilot, imaginative, suspense, depict, duo, viewers, children, pirate, whale