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Template:Infobox television season The fifth season of The Fairly OddParents started on Template:Start date. In this season, the show aired its seventh TV movie, Fairy Idol, and three The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour movies. After "The Jerkinators", The Fairly OddParents and Jimmy Neutron seem to end, but later in 2006, they aired episodes that chronologically come before the season finale. After Jimmy Neutron ended its run on November 25, 2006, The Fairly OddParents was sent on hiatus for 15 months, between November 2006 and February 2008.

Season 5 was the last season to be distributed by Nelvana International and so is the last to air on Disney Channel and Jetix (depending on the country).


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DVD releases[edit]

Season Episodes Release dates
Region 1 Region 2
5 21 School's Out: The Musical: June 14, 2005
Episodes: 65 ("School's Out The Musical")
Scary GodParents: August 30, 2005
Episodes: 53 ("Catman Meets The Crimson Chin" / "Genie Meanie Minie Mo"), and 61a ("Timmy's 2-D House of Horror")
Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: March 14, 2006
Episodes: 71 ("Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide")
Fairy Idol: May 23, 2006
Episodes: 55a ("Truth or Cosmoquences"), 64b ("Timmy TV"), and 72 ("Fairy Idol")
Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: July 25, 2006
Episodes: 73 ("Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators")
Season 4: June 3, 2011
Episodes: 55 ("Truth Or Cosmoquences" / "Beach Bummed!"), and 65 ("School's Out!: The Musical")
Season 5: June 3, 2011
Episodes: 54 ("Nega-Timmy" / "Love at First Height"), 56 ("You Doo" / "Just Desserts!") – 64 ("Talkin' Trash" / "Timmy TV"), 66 ("Mooooving Day" / "Big Wanda") – 74 ("Timmy the Barbarian!" / "No Substitute For Crazy!")
Power Pals: July 21, 2008
Episodes: 55 ("Truth Or Cosmoquences" / "Beach Bummed")

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