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Flag of India.svgThis user is proud to be an Indian.id2

Adds the page to the following categories:

Usage instructions[edit]

Simple wikicode
{{User Indian Proud}}
Detailed wikicode

{{User Indian Proud
|1=own LHS image
|3=own RHS image
|1_bg=own LHS image background color
|3_bg=own RHS image background color
|text=own text
|text_clr=own text colour
|text_bg=own text background color
|border_pt=own border size (in pixels)
|border_clr=own border color


{{User Indian Proud
|text=[[:Category:Indian Wikipedians|This user]] is an [[India]]n ...and unabashedly proud of it!

Results in this:

Flag of India.svgThis user is an Indian ...and unabashedly proud of it!id2