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Icons-flag-es.png Spain is a constitutional monarchy in southern Icons-flag-eu.png Europe and northern Africa. Spain borders the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It borders Icons-flag-pt.png Portugal to the west, and Icons-flag-fr.png France to the north. Some of Spain's well-known provinces are Icons-flag-es-ct.png Catalonia, Icons-flag-es-eu.png Basque Country, Icons-flag-es-gl.png Galicia, Icons-flag-es-ext.png Extremadura, Icons-flag-ast.png Asturias, and the Icons-flag-maj.png Balearic Islands. The capital of Spain is Madrid and the current monarch is Felipe VI.


Spain is part of the Iberian peninsula along with Portugal, Icons-flag-ad.png Andorra, and parts of southern France. It lies on a plateau defined by the seas and the Pyrenees mountains to the north. The longest river in Spain is the Douro at 897 kilometers long.[1]


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