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<label>First episode</label> <label>Last episode</label> <label>Voice</label> </group> </infobox> Sleepwalkers are Nocturn's ghost minions.


They first appear in "Frightmare." While powerful, Nocturn can summon ghost minions called Sleepwalkers, who he uses to put his victims to sleep for him, so he can put a dream helmet on them. They also serve as his guards/warriors.

During his attack on Amity Park, Nocturn dispatches a large army of Sleepwalkers to put the whole town to sleep.

After waking, Danny discovers, fights, and destroys several of them, after being captured by their master. During his second battle with him, Danny also destroys more Sleepwalkers, only for Nocturn to summon more.

While attacking Nocturn's base, the sleepwalkers attack Tucker and Jazz who are in the factory, while in Nocturn's dream, Danny and Sam meet hundreds. However, after Tucker disables the antenna that is channeling the dream energy into Nocturn, they disintegrate.

Several of them are seen again in the series finale, "Phantom Planet," in the Ghost Net, then among the group of ghosts attacking Danny, and later helping to save the Earth by turning it intangible.


The Sleepwalkers are all alike: they are fat green ghosts with no eyes and sewed eyelids with fang-like teeth.

Powers and Weaknesses[edit]

Nocturn can summon Sleepwalkers whith the phrase "Sleepwalkers, form." They are very strong, possess standard ghost powers (flight, intangibility, etc.), as well as elongation, regeneration, and physical manipulation of their bodies. They also share Nocturn's power to put beings to sleep.

However, they are weak against Danny's ghost rays and his cryokinesis.

They get stronger as Nocturn gets stronger.


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