Skits Behaves

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Skits Behaves is an episode of Martha Speaks



It begins with Martha and Skits playing in the mud. Helen is making a science product. Danny is putting a hat on. Mariella is making a bunch of flowers. Mariella appreciates Daniel's manners and they kiss, which grosses Helen out. Skits then jumps, messing up the bunch of flowers and dirtying Daniel's clothes. Skits then tries to eat Helen's science project and Helen worries her teacher will not believe her. Danny then decides Helen needs to discipline Skits, and she and T.D. borrow a lot of books and D.V.Ds on dog training. One of the characters on D.V.D. is called the Mutt Murmerer, because he speaks unintelligibly. Helen and Martha decide he is being too mean. T.D. tries to do an evil stare on Skits, but it turns into a staring contest. Another D.V.D. character named Cousin Morty is effective, but his method takes too long. That night, Helen laments that none of the training manners worked. Mariella says that the jumping could knock someone over and that if Skits keeps misbehaving, he will have to be an "outside dog". Mariella then spills the soup, so the Lorraines and Martha, but not Skits, go to Burger Barn. Skits doesn't come as he was too jumpy last time. Helen brings Skits a burger, but the house is trashed. Mariella considers giving Skits away.

The next day, T.D. admits that he has imperfect manners, and Helen says that Martha is such a fast learner. Martha said that she may be a fast learner, but she's not prefect as she did use to wet the rug as a puppy, due to not understanding. Helen then decides that Skits needs a bit of practice and tries tricks on him. He progresses, but is still imperfect. He gets it after about two weeks.