Sextans Dwarf Spheroidal

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Sextans Dwarf Spheroidal
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension10h 13m 02.9s[1]
Declination−01° 36′ 53″[1]
Redshift224 ± 2 km/s[1]
Distance290 ± 30 kly (90 ± 10 kpc)[2][3]
Apparent magnitude (V)10.4[1]
Apparent size (V)30′.0 × 12′.0[1]
Notable featuressatellite galaxy of the Milky Way
Other designations
Sextans I,[1] LEDA 88608[1]
See also: Galaxy, List of galaxies

The Sextans Dwarf Spheroidal is a dwarf spheroidal galaxy that was discovered in 1990 by Mike Irwin as the 8th satellite of the Milky Way,[4] located in the constellation of Sextans. It is also an elliptical galaxy, and displays a redshift because it is receding from the Sun at 224 km/s (72 km/s from the Galaxy). The distance to the galaxy is 320,000 light-years and the diameter is 8,400 light-years along its major axis.[5]


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