Ronald Boxwood

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Ronald Boxwood is Alice's big brother who is in high school. He is a mysocynist and has a cat named Nelson and a parrot named Polly. He is something of a snob who likes to scare people and make a fool out of Martha. (From Wikipedia)

Ronald (Alice's brother) is in high school and is the thorn in Alice's side. He is sarcastic and a "know-it-all". He is extremely protective of his cat Nelson and his parrot. Ronald likes computers and gadgets, but his favorite activity is anything that involves annoying his sister and her friends. (Copied and pasted from P.B.S.)

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Ronald is a tall white male teenager with blond hair, wears a blue polo T shirt, light brown,  pants (please correct), and brown loafers.

Relationships[edit | edit source]


  • Mr. Boxwood (Father)
  • Mrs. Boxwood (Mother)
  • Alice (Sister)


  • Nelson (cat)
  • Polly (parrot)


  • Reginald

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