RW Cephei

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Template:PAGEBANNER:Cepheus constellation map.svg RW Cephei is a red hypergiant (or possibly a yellow hypergiant) located in the Cepheus constellation. It is believed to have a spectral class of K2.[1]

Spectral Classification controversy

The stellar classification has been classified as early as G8 and as late as M2, but it is not clear yet that there has been actual variation of the star. In the first Morgan-Keenan spectral atlas, RW Cephei's stellar classification was counted as M0:Ia.[2] RW Cep was later listed as the standard star for spectral type G8 Ia,[3] then as the standard for K0 0-Ia.[4]

Physical Properties

RW Cephei is one of the largest stars known. It is estimated to be 1,535 solar radii in radius, which is larger than the orbit of Jupiter.[5]


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