Poindexter's classmates

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<label>First episode</label> <label>Last episode</label> <label>Voice</label> </group> </infobox> Poindexter's classmates, at first, bullied him everyday, tripping him, stuffing him in lockers, etc. Later on, they respect him for facing the "halfa," aka Danny Fenton/Phantom, who, according to Poindexter, is someone "everyone in the Ghost Zone is talking about." Because of how well known Danny is for probably his strength and (supposed) skill, the old ghosts are impressed that Poindexter has enough guts to face against him.

Its unknown why they were in the Ghost Zone as well like Poindexter, but it could be likely that their bullying of him was what caused them too be punished into the Ghost Zone, as it could be possible they are the reason he is now a ghost.


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