Nurse Martha

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Poor Martha. After her vaccine shot

gives her the attention,

she became the assistant to the

veterinarian. So she made new friends

with her friends who are patients.

For example, when you stick to someting,

Nurse Martha has been sneezed by her nemesis,

Nelson, and that gives me the Laughing Place.

And, speaking of Laughing Place, the song,

"Ev'rybody Has a Laughing Place," has been from Walt Disney's classic,

"Song of the South." And the vet's name was Sillywhim,

the same name as the pixieish lady in the Wee Sing video,

"Wee Sing in Sillyville." And in the end, you will find Martha

was awarded to become winner of the contest

and earned a treat for being a great vet and...

well, that's Sillyville for ya, anything can happen.

And that was the end of Nurse Martha so "Stick To It!"


Kid: Here's Another Pointer From Paula Poundstone!

Paula Poundstone: Stick To It!

Well, I've got fun this is! You can always do stuff by sticking to things like learning how

to tie your shoes or playing your guitar. Well, when you stick to something, you will get joining your friends and you can stick to it for friends, so Stick To It!


Nelson: Stick To It! (laughter)

PBS P-Pals Logo: Surprise! (laughter)