Nelson Boxwood

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Nelson is a mean, grey, fat and sneaky cat that likes to blame Martha for things that he did. He is one of Ronald's and Alice's pets. He likes to make fun of poor Martha.


Nelson is mean, dishonest, sneaky and disrespectful to Martha and Skits. Martha is definitely not friends with him. They are rivals and he will do anything to get rid of Martha and Skits because he HATES dogs. Poor Martha and Skits.


Nelson is a fat grey cat, with darker grey stripes and white on his paws, face, and tip of tail. He is a longhair, but his breed is unknown.

In Martha Speaks TV Shows[edit]

Nelson has appeared in many episodes. He does the same thing every time, trying to get rid of Martha and Skits. He blamed Martha for eating Alice's cake in the episode, Martha Takes the Cake.