Northwest Territories

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Northwest Territories in Canada
Flag of the Northwest Territories.

The Northwest Territories is a territory in northern Canada. 44,541 people live there as of 2018.[1] It is 1,171,918 square kilometers.

The capital of the Northwest Territories is Yellowknife. Yellowknife was the capital since 1967. The Northwest Territories have many geographical features, like the Great Bear Lake, the Mackenzie River and the Nahanni River, which is a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Northwest Territories entered the Canadian Confederation in 1870. The Hudson's Bay Company gave the land to the Dominion of Canada. The Northwest Territories have one person in the House of Commons of Canada and the Canadian Senate. A lot of parts of the Northwest Territories were given to other provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec. In 1999, the eastern part of the Northwest Territories became the territory of Nunavut.


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