Mrs. Dempson (Martha Speaks)

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Mrs Dempson is the Lorraines' neighbour.


Mrs Dempson is very grumpy and quite mean. She doesn't like fireworks or dogs (the latter being evidenced by the multiple "no dogs allowed" signs in her front yard) and sometimes uses her age to get her way. She sometimes gets Martha's name wrong, calling her Magda or Marla. It's hard to tell if this is intentional or not and when she is corrected she just doesn't seem to care. Mrs Dempson is known to be quite fit, but doesn't do much with this. She also seems quite pessimistic, complaining about things, even if they are trivial.

Physical Description[edit]

Mrs Dempson is a shortish Caucasian woman of average weight. She has curly white hair which she wears up and her skin is wrinkled due to old age. She is commonly seen wearing gold hoop earrings, purple glasses, yellow saddle shoes, a dark blue-grey skirt, and a purple cardigan over a white blouse. She walks with a walking stick, and talks with a raspy voice.