Mr Vadinchi (Martha Speaks)

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Mr Vadinchi is the art teacher of Helen Lorraine, Alice Boxwood, T.D. Kennelly, Chuck Smith, and several others.


He has white complexion, short messy grey hair, bushy eyebrows, dark brown shoes, tan pants, a long-sleeved grey-green shirt and a blue-grey smock which is usually covered in paint stains.


He tends to take a spiritual shine on his art, wanting his students not to be in contact with the outside world and encouraging them to paint nature, calling it "relaxing". He doesn't seem to approve of non-"relaxing" pictures, despite saying that they can't draw "wrong". He doesn't seem to have much of a sense of humour either as he would have theoretically been offended upon discovering T.D. Kennelly's drawing of him with the body of a duck.