Milo Lee

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Milo Lee is a friend of Truman Oatley, Helen Lorraine, Carolina, T.D. Kennelly, and Alice Boxwood and owner of Lily. He is seven years old.


Milo is about a foot shorter than T.D. He wears glasses, a navy blue sweater, red sneakers and brown pants. He has messy black hair and a slightly different complexion than his friends.


Milo really likes his friends and he also likes camping. He is a pretty decent guy, but not above lying as evidenced in Milo's Reading Buddy. He is scared of reading in front of others because he is a slow learner and is a bit socially shy. In Camp Truman, Truman tried to make him either tired or sad but because Milo is very optimistic and has plenty of stamina he didn't make him either.