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Content that violates any copyrights will be deleted. All content must be verifiable. Work submitted to the Science Archives can be edited, used, and redistributed—by anyone—subject to certain terms and conditions.
Even though we are not Wikipedia, many of Wikipedia's policies apply to the Science Archives! This is to make all content on the Science Archives as formal and verifiable as possible. If you are new to the Science Archives, then go read Wikipedia's policies. Wikipedia's help pages are also useful, since Wikipedia and the Science Archives run on the same engine.
Additionally, if you want to make a new article on a star, just simply copy the markup below and add references just to save time: {{Star|name|other name(s)|constellation|distance in light years|size in solar diameters|planet whose orbit this star is roughly the size of|spectral class|temperature|dwarf? main sequence? giant? supergiant? hypergiant?|elements this star burns within its core|luminosity in suns|12=other information|13=references}}