Martha Ain't Nothin' But a Pound Dog

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Martha Ain't Nothin' But a Pound Dog
Martha at the Pound.
Season 1
Production code 115
Broadcast number 15
Airing Information
50px PBS Kids Premiere 9/19/2008
50px TVO Premiere 9/19/2008
50px Knowledge Premiere 9/19/2008

"Martha Ain't Nothing But a Pound Dog" is a episode from season 1. Its about Martha being in a dog pound.


Part 1

Martha has to take her daily bath. After Helen leaves to take out the trash she leaves Martha's collar on the window. Martha accidentally makes it fall in the trash, Martha (still covered in soap) chases after the garbage truck. The truck driver sees the soap on Martha and thinks she's a rabid dog. He also thinks he is being attacked. He calls the pound and Martha is soon abducted. Martha later meets other dogs who were abandoned in the pound. She later thought of an escape plan that backfired and they got caught again.

File:Dog show.jpg
Martha's dog show.

Part 2

The next day, Helen Lorraine comes to pick up Martha after she's found but Martha doesn't want to leave without her new friends. Martha decides to hold a adoption show. TD and Helen spread the word all around town. At last the adoption show comes. All the dogs are adopted (including Pops). Martha is safely taken home and has to have another bath.


  • Be thankful for the life you have, others might not be so fortanute.


  • First appearance: Pops.
  • This episode is the first two-part special episode.
  • At the beginning of the first part of this episode, the dove that spits poop on Danny Lorraine's car while washing it was the Birdwell Island Bird from Clifford the Big Red Dog, another PBS Kids show, cartoon series, and television show based on a book series.
  • There's an episode of Adventure Time with a similar plot titled "Escape From The Dogatraz". Basically Jake and his pal King Windbag try to save Jake after he is accidentally placed in a shelter where he caused trouble in a fancy hotel.
  • The title of this episode is a reference to a lyric from Elvis Presley's song "Hound Dog". The lyric goes "You ain't nothing but a hound dog".

Vocabulary words[edit]

abandon, deserted, neglected, overlooked, fortunate, alone, forgot, harsh, lonely, tough, rough, adopt, affection, devoted, embrace, loyal, adore, belong, care, dream, hope