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Observation data
Group or clusterLocal Group
Mass2.5×1010 M
See also: Galaxy, List of galaxies

M32p is a hypothesized formerly existant galaxy that was a sister galaxy to the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies, previously the third largest galaxy in the Local Group, and was collided with another galaxy to form the larger Andromeda Galaxy an estimated 2 billion years ago.[1] The merger is thought to have created the thick disc and made a contribution to the majority of the halo stars of Andromeda and caused its burst of star formation at the time of the collision. The former galaxy may also be associated with the Andromeda satellite galaxy Messier 32 (M32), which may serve as the remnants of M32p's core due to M32's unusual characteristics of dense compactness and burst of star formation 2 billion years ago given its unlikeness to other similarly sized elliptical galaxies.[2]

It was first proposed by scientists at the University of Michigan and was thought to have been 2,5×1010 M in size.[3]


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