List of fictional characters permitted to have mentions in The Science Archives

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Any article or mention (such as in fiction) of any character not included in this table is strictly not allowed per notability reasons.
Keep in mind there is an affiliate wiki dedicated to Danny Phantom and the works of Robert L. Forward located here.

Mention of that PBS Kids show Arthur = indefinite block and there are NO exceptions! Additionally all PBS Kids shows are deemed non-notable and may NOT be mentioned in this site. But Arthur C. Clarke, of course, is fine and is 110% permitted.

List of characters permitted to have mentions in The Science Archives
Character Name Series/work of origin Series/character creator Character nationality Nationality of work of origin Notes
Cosmo The Fairly Odd Parents Butch Hartman n/a Icons-flag-us.pngIcons-flag-ca.png
Wanda n/a Icons-flag-us.pngIcons-flag-ca.png
Timmy Turner Icons-flag-us.png Dimmsdale, CA

Icons-flag-uk.png Winston Dunsworth

Vicky Icons-flag-us.pngIcons-flag-ca.png
All other Fairly Odd Parents characters Icons-flag-us.pngIcons-flag-ca.png
Danny Phantom (character) Danny Phantom Icons-flag-us.png Amity Park, CA Icons-flag-ca.pngIcons-flag-us.png Suited better in Danny Phantom and Robert L. Forward wiki here
Sam Manson Icons-flag-ca.pngIcons-flag-us.png
Tucker Foley Icons-flag-ca.pngIcons-flag-us.png
Paulina Icons-flag-ca.pngIcons-flag-us.png
Jazz Fenton Icons-flag-ca.pngIcons-flag-us.png
Maddie Fenton Icons-flag-us.png Spittoon, AR Icons-flag-ca.pngIcons-flag-us.png
Jack Fenton Icons-flag-us.png WI Icons-flag-ca.pngIcons-flag-us.png
Vlad Masters/Plasmius Icons-flag-ca.pngIcons-flag-us.png
other Danny Phantom ghosts and characters Icons-flag-ca.png Box Ghost

Icons-flag-us.png others

Characters of T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy Icons-flag-us.png Icons-flag-us.png
Characters of Bunsen Is a Beast Bunsen Is a Beast ? Icons-flag-us.pngIcons-flag-ca.png
Characters of Oh Yeah! Cartoons Oh Yeah! Cartoons Fred Seibert, Butch Hartman, and others various Icons-flag-us.pngIcons-flag-ca.png
Pierre Carnot Niven and his mother Jacqueline Dragon's Egg and Starquake Robert L. Forward Icons-flag-fr.png Icons-flag-us.png
Other astronauts in Dragon's Egg and Starquake Icons-flag-jp.png Seiko

Icons-flag-sa.png Abdul

Icons-flag-us.png others

Cheela n/a Icons-flag-us.png Inhabitants of fictional neutron star companion to the Sun
Characters of the works of James P. Hogan various James P. Hogan various Icons-flag-uk.png
Characters of the internet series IRrelevant Astronomy and other related works IRrelevant Astronomy and other related works staff of NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope (promotional) Icons-flag-us.png Icons-flag-us.png
Characters from Hey Arnold Hey Arnold Craig Bartlett Icons-flag-us.png Icons-flag-us.png Helga may have a mention in 522 Helga even though she is not the asteroid's explicit namesake.
Characters from the works of William Shakespeare various William Shakespeare various Icons-flag-gb-eng.png May be referred to in Uranus and articles about its satellites
Characters from the works of Alexander Pope various Alexander Pope various Icons-flag-gb-eng.png
Characters from the works of John le Carré various John le Carré various Icons-flag-uk.png May be referred to in 15760 Albion and (181708) 1993 FW
Characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other related works Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other related works Joseph Hill Whedon Icons-flag-us.png Icons-flag-us.png May be referred to in 2004 XR190
Characters of Xena: Warrior Princess and other related works Xena: Warrior Princess and other related works John Schulian and Robert Tapert various Icons-flag-us.pngIcons-flag-nz.png May be referred to in Eris and Dysnomia.
Characters of Space: 1999 and other related works Space: 1999 and other related works Gerry and Sylvia Anderson various Icons-flag-uk.pngIcons-flag-it.png May be referred to in Moon and Ultima Thule.
Characters of works mentioned in this Wikipedia list and this various various various various Should only be referred to in suitable articles.
Major Danny Phantom Characters (Danny Phantom wiki here)

Samantha "Sam" MansonDaniel "Danny" FentonJazz FentonTucker FoleyJack and Maddie FentonPaulina Sanchez

Vlad Masters/PlasimusPenelope SpectraDark DannyOther Ghosts