List of coolest stars

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This is a list of the coolest known stars in the universe in terms of increasing temperature. Most of these stars are brown dwarfs, red dwarfs, but one of them is a red hypergiant.

Name Temperature in Kelvin Notes, caveats
WISE J0855-0714 225–260[1] This is probably the coolest star known. It has a temperature comparable to that of Icons-flag-aq.png Antarctica.
CFBDSIR 1458+10B 370
2MASS 0939-2448 A/B 650[2]
2MASS 0415-0935 764
2M 1237+6526 850[3]
SCR 1845-6357B 950
2MASS 0243-2453 1,050 Brown dwarf star.
Cha 110913-773444 1,350
2MASS 0036+1821 1,650
2MASS 1507-1627 1,650
OTS 44 1,700 Brown dwarf star.
S Cassiopeiae 1,800 S Cassiopeiae is among the largest stars known in the Milky Way.
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