Jake Lorraine

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Jake "Jakey" Lorraine is the youngest child and only son of the Lorraine family in the series. He is two years old, according to Emmaradi. He was delivered in the winter just as the family got over snow covered hills, icy rivers, gridlocked roads, and even on the way back from Helen's visit with T.D at his uncle's farm. He really likes Martha, Helen, TD, Alice and Truman and smiles when they come.

Helen's youngest brother who is a toddler. He has brown hair and a striped shirt. He enjoys and adores Martha and Skits. He has learned three words during the show. The first word was "door" and the second word was "dog" (when he pointed to the table when Martha does the word "compare"). His third was "baby" In "Itchy Martha," he was scared of Martha's cone and cried, but that was resolved after hearing a story about a space dog. Most of his dialogue is gibberish because he is just a little kid.


He is the youngest in the Lorraine family (excluding Skits).

He is the only toddler on the show.


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