HVC 127-41-330

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HVC 127-41-330
Interstellar cloud
High velocity cloud
Observation data: J2000.0[1] epoch
Right ascension01h 05m[1]
Distance2,300,000 ly   (700,000[2] pc)
DesignationsHVC 127-41-331, HVC 128-41-329, HVC 127-42-352, HVC 127-41-330[1]
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HVC 127-41-330 is a high-velocity cloud. The three numbers that compose its name indicate, respectively, the galactic longitude and latitude, and velocity towards Earth in km/s. It is 20,000 light years in diameter and is located 2.3 million light years (700 kiloparsecs) from Earth, between M31 and M33.[2] This cloud of neutral hydrogen (detectable via 21 cm H-I emissions), unlike other HVCs shows a rotational component and dark matter. 80% of the mass of the cloud is dark matter. It is also the first HVC discovered not associated with the Milky Way galaxy or subgroup (subcluster).

Astronomer Josh Simon considers it a candidate for being a dark galaxy.[2] With its rotation, it may be a very low density dwarf galaxy of unused hydrogen (no stars), a remnant of the formation of the Local Group.

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