HD 204521

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HD 204521
Cepheus constellation map.png
The star is visually very close to β Cep (but not shown at this scale)
Observation data
Epoch J2000      Equinox J2000
Constellation Cepheus
Right ascension 21h 25m 16.798s[1]
Declination +70° 28′ 39.15″
Apparent magnitude (V) 7.3[1] (binoculars)
Spectral type G0V[2]
Radial velocity (Rv)-76.6[3] km/s
Parallax (π)37.87 ± 0.42[3] mas
Distance86.1 ± 1.0 ly
(26.4 ± 0.3 pc)
Other designations
BD+69° 1169, GJ 4194, HIP 105766, HD 204521, TYC 4465-1133-1, SAO 10045[1]
Database references

HD 204521 is a potential Sun-like star (G5 spectral class) with an apparent magnitude of 7.3.[1] In the sky it is near the magnitude 3.2 star Beta Cephei (β Cep).

Bobylev's calculations from 2010 suggest that this star will pass about 2.20 parsecs (7.2 light-years) from the Sun in about 341 thousand years.[3]

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