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Berlin, Germany.

Icons-flag-de.png Germany is a country in central Europe and also the most populous. The German capital city is Berlin, and less populous cities include Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Dresden. The current German chancellor is Angela Merkel.


Germany lies far from tectonic plate boundaries. It is bordered by Icons-flag-dk.png Denmark, the North Sea, and the Baltic Sea to the north. It is bordered by Icons-flag-pl.png Poland and the Icons-flag-cz.png Czech Republic to the east, Icons-flag-at.png Austria and Icons-flag-ch.png Switzerland to the south, and Icons-flag-fr.png France, Icons-flag-lu.png Luxembourg, Icons-flag-be.png Belgium, and the Icons-flag-nl.png Netherlands to the east. Major rivers that run through Germany are the Danube and Elbe. Germany has a population of 82 million.[1]


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