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Map of Metropolitan French cities (agglomerations > 100,000 inhabitants on 1999 census).

Icons-flag-fr.png France is a republican country in Europe. It is the second largest country entirely within Europe in terms of both population and land area. France borders Icons-flag-de.png Germany to the northeast, Icons-flag-es.png Spain to the south, and Icons-flag-it.png Italy to the southeast. The capital of France is Paris and the current president is Emmanuel Macron.


France is separated from Spain by the Pyrenees mountains and from Germany by the Rhine river. Major rivers in France include the Loire, Rhone, and Seine, which flows through Paris. France lies between the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Just accross from the English Channel is the Icons-flag-uk.png United Kingdom.


Famous scientists from France include:

France is the largest contributor to the European Space Agency (ESA).[1]


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