Camp Truman

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  • Helen
  • T.D.
  • Truman
  • Milo
  • Martha

Milo is super-excited to go to Camp Winnetka this summer-he's been packing since Christmas. But when Truman discovers that Camp Winnetka is closing, while Helen wears flower t-shirt, jade shorts and burgundy shoes. Truman is wearing shorts and shirt, and sandals, TD wears baseball shirt, shorts, and sandals, and Milo wears shorts, shirt and sandals this summer. He takes upon himself to cheer Milo up- by showing him how miserable and grueling camp can be. Helen still wears flower shirt, shorts and burgundy shoes on to the camp Winnetka. Helen, TD, Truman and Milo goes by the fire. Helen goes swimming without flower t-shirt, shorts and shoes.