Boiling Lake

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Boiling Lake
Dominica Boiling Lake.jpg
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LocationMorne Trois Pitons National Park
Typeflooded fumarole
Basin countriesDominica
Max. lengthc. 60 m (200 ft)
Max. widthc. 60 m (200 ft)
Surface elevation800 m (2,600 ft)

Boiling Lake is a hot spring located in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Icons-flag-dm.png Dominica's World Heritage site. It is a flooded fumarole east of Roseau. The lake rests at the bottom of a large sinkhole-like basin. Currently, the lake is viewable from a broad, cliff-top elevated 100 meters directly above its shore - high rock walls surround and create the basin.

The lake's grayish-blue water is easily viewed in its perpetual rolling boiling state which is comparable to a giant pot of water cooking and steaming on a stove. The hot spring is replenished by rainfall and two small streams which drain into the area; the water then seeps down to the lava and is heated to the boiling point. The hiking trail that passes by the lake leads through another volcanic area called the Valley of Desolation. The air around the area is hot, steamy and moist, and is supported by the sharp, acrid smell of sulphur. The dangerous surrounding area is known to have been filled with vapors and gases that flee from boiling sulphur-water pots, small spraying and hissing geysers, cracks and holes, and the small stream that runs through and beneath the terrain. Tiny invisible sprays of steam can easily burn an ankle or foot.


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