2 Ursae Minoris

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2 Ursae Minoris
Observation data
Epoch J2000      Equinox J2000
Constellation Cepheus
Right ascension 01h 08m 44.88s[1]
Declination 86° 15′ 25.5″[1]
Apparent magnitude (V) 4.24
Spectral type K2 II-III
Proper motion (μ) RA: 80.65 ± 0.16[1] mas/yr
Dec.: -11.54 ± 0.17[1] mas/yr
Parallax (π)11.64 ± 0.15[1] mas
Distance280 ± 4 ly
(86 ± 1 pc)
Mass2.27 ± 0.41[2] M
Luminosity183 ± 20[2] L
Temperature4,549[2] K
Other designations
BD+85° 19, HD 5848, HIP 5372, HR 285, SAO 181[3]
Database references

2 Ursae Minoris (2 UMi) is a 4.24m orange giant star (spectral class K2II-III) near the northern celestial pole (RA: 01h 08m 44.88s, Dec: +86° 15′ 25.5″). Despite its Flamsteed designation, the star is actually located in the constellation Cepheus. This occurred when the constellation boundaries were changed in 1930 by Eugene Delporte. Therefore, the star is usually referred only by its catalog numbers such as HR 285 or HD 5848.


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