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* Africa lies on two tectonic plates. They are:
* Africa lies on two tectonic plates. They are:
** [[Nubian Plate|'''Nubian<nowiki/>''']]
** [[Nubian Plate|'''Nubian<nowiki/>''']]
** '''{{flags|so}}[[Somali Plate|Somali]]'''
** '''{{flags|so}}Somali''']]
* '''[[Europe|Eur]]<nowiki/>[[Eurasian Plate|asia<nowiki/>n]]''' (green)
* '''[[Europe|Eur]]<nowiki/>[[Eurasian Plate|asia<nowiki/>n]]''' (green)
* '''[[Amurian Plate|Amurian]]''' (turquoise)
* '''[[Amurian Plate|Amurian]]''' (turquoise)

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