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Welcome to The Science Archives,
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About The Science Archives

This site was made by Joey, a teenager living in Auckland, New Zealand, whose interests span from astronomy to mythology and Nickelodeon's programs. The Science Archives is your #1 resource of all things science, inspired by Wikipedia and Wikiversity, that anyone can edit ! The Science Archives is very similar to Wikipedia, since we cover the same content in articles, and share most of the policies. Create an account to start editing.

The Science Archives is a learning community. Learning and discovery are vital, ongoing aspects of life and society. The Science Archives community aims to further the discovery and distribution of science related knowledge in a very natural way, by helping people to learn and to share learning resources.

You can use The Science Archives to find information, ask questions, or learn more about a science related subject. You can explore knowledge at The Science Archives through advanced study and research. You can also use The Science Archives to share your knowledge about a science subject with others by building learning materials.

In The Science Archives, you can find learning materials of all types science to use yourself as self-study materials. If you are interested in learning about a subject of science, browse our content to see if there is anything that suits your needs. It would also be helpful if you comment on the materials you use, so that we can continually improve our resources. We also provide modules that you can find here, and you can also create your own.

Also, if you want to meet other people who are interested in your science subject, you may want to join a learning community devoted to that subject (or help create one if one doesn't yet exist). You may find someone there who can help you with your learning, or you may want to help someone else with what you already know (or have just found out).

Please help The Science Archives to develop its education potential at the learning and learning projects pages.